Using PANDA in non-English languages

Current available languages

Language Code
English en
German de
Italian it
Spanish es

Selecting the language of your PANDA

PANDA was originally developed in English but has since been translated into other languages. When you first boot your PANDA you will have the option to select from the available translations.

Changing the translation of your PANDA after initial setup will require you to SSH into your server. Once logged in edit the file /opt/panda/ and change LANGUAGE_CODE='en' to, for example, LANGUAGE_CODE='de' for German.

After making these changes, restart your PANDA with sudo service uwsgi restart.

Translating PANDA into your language

If PANDA is not available in your language, you can translate it! PANDA uses a service called POEditor to enable anyone to contribute to translations. The translation work is divided into two projects:

If you spot an error in a translation, you can make the correction yourself and we will roll it into our next release. If you wish to translate PANDA into an entirely new language, please either contact us on our User Group or open a Github ticket. In either case we will add the new language and you can get started!